What to wear on an outdoor family photo session: Chicago Lifestyle Family Photographer, Chicago IL

Many of my clients have asked me this question: “What should we wear for our family session?”

The outfit is so important! I encourage moms to wear a dress and avoid bright colors and logos. Dressing up a little more is always a good choice for your photo session. Picking an outfit for the special day can be very stressful. Trust me! When I take my family photos, I feel the same way every single time. Good thing I love shopping! I normally pick outfits together with my clients because it’s so fun to talk about what outfits look good at an outdoor location we pick together!

I made a list of my favorite clothing stores and links to help you prepare your family session! Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to help out making your session extra special!

Do you see that everyone is wearing something different, but they still somewhat match? That is the type of outfit I ask my clients to wear. Same tone and color, but not exactly matching. Here are some Amazon affiliate links for outfits that look similar to this family and are cute and affordable!
Dress: loose fit, machine washable
Girl dress: ruffle details, machine washable
Girl salt water candles: scuff-resistant, water friendly
Boy plaid shirt: long sleeves, machine washable
Boy shoes: easy on and off slip on, fixed lacing
Men jeans shirt: 100% cotton

My favorite online store for moms:
Nest Boutique: If I had unlimited money to shop somewhere, this may be it. One of my favorite stores for sure!
ASOS: I think this is the most affordable online store and many moms purchase clothes from here. It’s a bit harder to find something more classy and simple, but they offer good deals throughout the year.

Other stores I like: Madewell, Boden, Pink Blush, & Other Stories, Posse, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Loft…

My favorite online stores for kids:
Boden: If I want something cute and different, I come here. Boden seems a bit expensive for children, but their sale items aren’t too bad! I always look for sales when I purchase clothes for my kids.
Roole: Another online store I buy outfits for my own kids when I am looking for “I want my kids to look extra cute.” Look for deals!
Zara Kids: I love Zara kids. They can be pricy but are so adorable! I still purchase clothes online here and there, but I feel like I can find better deals when I go to the actual store.

Other stores I like: Fin and Vince, Janie and Jack….

Etsy is another great place to shop especially for the little ones. Of course, you can always shop at Gap, Target, JCrew, Old Navy, and any typical clothing stores! I love buying clothes from them and there is nothing wrong with going to those stores. I suggested other online stores to provide more unique ideas for outfits.

Again, please let me know if you have any questions because I love to help choose outfits for your family!

Kristen Lisa Photography specializes in lifestyle family photography and lifestyle newborn photography in Naperville, Illinois and the greater Chicago area. She likes to capture the timeless, rich in color, and heartfelt images that families can always remember.

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