Top 5 reasons why taking yearly family photos is important

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It’s not always easy to gather everyone to take family photos, but we still want to take them… Why? As a photographer and mom of two kids, I want to share my top 5 reasons why taking yearly family photos is important.

  1. Freeze the moment 

Do you think that the time seems shorter as you get older? Kids grow up too quickly and you don’t want to miss their growth. Photos freeze those precious moments that you can’t go back to and you want to remember forever. 

  1. Build connections

If you want to keep in touch with those who don’t talk much on a regular basis such as relatives, friends, or previous co-works, a photo is one of the best ways to send a gift. The recipient can connect with you immediately even if they don’t see you much. 

  1. Leave the history through the photos 

Of course, you take photos because you are the one who wants those photos, but you are also saving memories for future generations. They will appreciate the history behind the family photos. 

  1. Remember the little details 

I often forget what our life was like even a year ago, but when I go through photos from last year, I remember what my son used to love to play with or my daughter’s funny habit. Photos are my life journal and I want to remember all the personalities and details before my kids find the new fads. 

  1. Collect tangible products 

Having pictures on the phone is very fun because you can scroll and look at the photos instantly, but there is something special about the photos on the wall. I love framing our favorite family photos or making an album. Kids love looking at their pictures and we enjoy talking about what we did that day or kids think it’s so fun to look at their baby photos. I talk more about why printing photos is important here

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