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You may have hundreds of family photos on your phone, but the chances of finding that perfect frame-worthy shot are almost none. This is when you need to get in touch with the best Chicago family photographers and find a pro who can nicely capture beautiful and memorable moments of you and your family.

Thankfully, Chicago is one the best places to have a plethora of skilled and professional family photographers. If you plan to take professional photos of your family, there are several locations you can consider in Chicago, such as St. James Farm, Abbe Farms, etc. There are a lot of other idyllic locations that make for unique family memories. I have compiled a list of the most beautiful sites in the Chicago Suburbs. I hope it will really be helpful for you as they are not just picturesque locations but also ideal places for spending a day with your family. Learn more about these unique locations through one of my blogs – Best places to take pictures for family lifestyle sessions in the Chicago suburbs. (link here)

family cuddling on the bed

The next important question that usually pops into everyone’s mind is pricing. So the average price you can expect to pay the photographer for the two-hour family photoshoot in Chicago is approximately between $350-$500. These may differ depending upon the photographer you choose, the time duration you plan to shoot for, and of course, the location where you plan to get it done. 

kids hugging and playing with their mom
a couple laying down on the bed

Before you plan to hire a photographer, here are a few tips that I would like to share based on my personal experience. These will surely help you choose the photographer as per your requirements.

  • Style of photographer
    You need to understand that a lifestyle photographer is different from a portrait photographer. Lifestyle photography is more focused on capturing moments that happen naturally. Choose the photographer who aligns with your family and fits nicely with your style.
  • Location
    Plan outdoor sessions at locations that match your family-style where you feel connected to nature, parks, flowers, oceans, etc.
  • Website
    Have a look at the photographer’s website. It will tell you what exactly they are specialized in.
  • Connect
    You need to connect and should be comfortable with the photographer. It is good to meet the photographer in person before the shoot day as it will help him understand your expectations and can align himself accordingly. 

Now coming back to today’s list! I will share some of the best family photographers in Chicago that are highly skilled and can take unforgettable pictures. I am sure you will have the best time of your life with these professional experts.

Kristen Lisa Photography

Kristen Lisa Photography

I am a Naperville family photographer, that savors the beauty of capturing the essence of families and newborns. I am also a mother of a lovely son and a beautiful daughter! With my family, we are settled in Naperville. What I deeply enjoy is motherhood and I simply adore children, making my career most fulfilling – working with little stars and their parents. With eight-plus years of commendable experience, I am one of the best Chicago family photographers that have serviced clients all over the globe. Because I am incredibly friendly, children instantly warm up to my unique persona and style. My pictures speak volumes about the emotions and love I capture. My commendable work is highly appreciated by numerous clients!

a family with a dog hanging out on bed

Megan Holly

Megan Holly

Megan is a joyful, vibrantly styled, and one of the best photographers in Chicago, specializing in high-end graduation, standout dance, children, and family photo sessions. She loves to focus and capture real, authentic moments. She is incredibly talented and skilled and uses all visual elements of the shot to create dynamic photos.

Photo by: Megan Holly

Yofi Photography

Yofi Photography

Yofi, a husband and wife team – Vlad and Rachel are some of the best Chicago Family Photographers who are passionate storytellers too. They specialize in maternity & newborn photography and beautifully capture the essence of memorable moments. Their photos are incredible and so full of life. You can trust them to capture the real you and your family.

Photo by: Yofi Photography

Caili Helsper

Caili Helsper

Caili is one of the most talented and creative Chicago family photographers. Her every capture tells a larger story as she spends time speaking to the parents to understand their vision and capture authentic emotions fully. Caili can capture sincere images that can surely match your vision. 

Photo by: Caili Helsper

Heather Hackney

Heather Hackney

Heather specializes in Chicago lifestyle and family photography. She loves to capture real emotions through her candid photography. Having worked in the fashion industry, she has a unique and creative style. Heather loves making connections, which shows through her portfolio of smile-filled photographs!

Photo by: Heather Hackney Photo

Our Days Photo Film

Our Days Photo Film

Jessica and Ben are the creative people who came together to create picture-perfect moments for families. They are known for their gentle and creative photography styles. They are exceptionally skilled at catching the fleeting moments in time that showcase emotions and feelings. Their sessions are natural and fun-loving. Both of them are available for in-home sessions as well as for shoots in beautiful locations in Chicago.

Photo by: Our Days Photo + Film

Carolyn Soling

Carolyn Soling

Carolyn, a Chicago family photographer, lives in Wilmette and specializes in children & lifestyle family photography. As a mother, she has an elegant style and perfectly captures the gentleness of the family. Carolyn will surely exceed your expectations if you want to capture your children at play or as they grow up.

Photo by: Carolyn Soling

Simply by Suzy

Simply by Suzy

Suzzane, a top Chicago lifestyle photographer, specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photography. She has been working behind the lens for the last 12 years and is an educator. She loves to teach how to start using cameras to take meaningful images in a fun and creative way. With modern techniques, Suzzane creates magical photos that only she can see through her beautiful eyes.

Photo by Simply by Suzy

Erin Konrath


Erin is a photographer in Chicago specializing in families, brands, and interiors. She has a great eye, is skilled in photography, and has the unique ability to bring personalities to the surface. Erin captures the natural energy of love that your family exudes when you are all together. Her brands and interior photos are top-notch. You need her when you want your brands to look good. All her photos are playful and rich. She is truly a gem.

Photo by Erin Konrath Photography


Extra Sprinkles Photography

Sara is loved for taking playful, fun-loving natural, candid pictures in the Chicago area. Her unique eye for detail makes excellent family photos in a loving and fun way. When she is shooting, she captures genuine emotions in a light-hearted way.

Photo by: Extra Sprinkles Photography

These are some of the skilled and most professional Chicago family photographers. They will surely capture your imagination most creatively, you can safely lean on their expertise. They will deliver you the best memories of your life.

a mom and two kids smiling for a camera
a boy and dog hugging on the bed

If you plan for family sessions, let me know. I would love to assist and be part of your special memories too!

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