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Weather is an essential factor for lifestyle family photographers as it can affect a shoot in every way. Unfortunately, the weather in Chicago can be unpredictable, especially during fall. This is why I absolutely love booking photo sessions in the summer! When it comes to choosing locations in the suburbs, Lulacia Park is one the most popular spots to achieve that picnic day season vibe. Below are things to consider when planning a photo session in this gorgeous place in the Lombard Park District. 

family hugging each other at a park

Why take family photos in the summer?

Besides the fact that most household members are likely to be present, the lovely weather looks gorgeous in your photos. You could plan a picnic in Lilacia Park: this spot provides plenty of quality recreational activities to enjoy. Plus, the clear blue sky makes for the perfect backdrop for your photos. This park also has beautiful flowers in full bloom during this time, so it’s the ideal location for a lifestyle family photographer like me. 

Where is this location? 

You can find the 8.5 acres of Lilacia Park at 150 S. Park Ave. Lombard, Illinois. It has historic structures, horticulture features, a butterfly garden, 0.61 miles of walking trails, and picnic areas for your family to have fun. Another great thing about this location is that nearby bathrooms are available for your convenience. 

When do the flowers typically bloom? 

In Chicago, flowers bloom from late May to June. I recommend scheduling your session with a lifestyle family photographer around these months to make the most of the scenic and floral views of Lilacia Park. I absolutely love using a wide variety of flowers as a background for every photo. 

kids running together

What to bring for the photo session?

When shooting outdoors in sunny weather, it’s important to come prepared. What matters is to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. If your feet are sore from shoes that pinch or you’re feeling a little chilly, this may show in the photos! So, make sure to bring some essentials to fully enjoy your pictorial in the charming Lilacia Park.

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Water
  • Battery-powered fan
  • Towels
  • Change of clothes
  • Perfume
  • First aid kit

What pictorial outfits should you wear? 

When choosing something to wear, go for clothes that are relaxed but fun. Although Lilacia Park is such a stunning spot, wearing something that adds beauty to each frame never hurts! Opt for light-colored outfits that will complement your background. Neutrals will be your safest bet. Tan, brown, cream, beige, and pastel colors all fit with a natural environment. 

Layering adds interest to every ensemble, but it’s not always possible when it’s hot outside. Incorporate different textures into your outfits instead. Tulle, fringe, and lace details are the best way to add visual interest to your clothing while staying comfortable. Last but not least, always wear comfortable shoes that go with your outfit!

Interviewing the family

Why is taking family photos important for you? Taking family photos is important because I want to remember how our family looked and grew each year.

Which image is your favorite image? My favorite images are the candid ones, where we are just in the moment.

What was your biggest fear before hiring me and what happened during the session?  My biggest fear is the photographer not capturing good moments, and not giving enough pose options, but all of that was great.

How would you describe your photo session with Kristen to your friend? The photo session with Kristen was really fun and easy. She did great telling us what poses to do and didn’t waste time which is really important when you’re trying to keep the kids happy and engaged.

Where did you purchase your outfits? I bought most of our outfits from Target.

How do you describe your family? My family is very big and we like to have fun and laugh together.

What’s your favorite activity to do as a family? Our favorite activity is playing a game, going on hikes, or playing in the pool. 

Advice for first-time parents? Advice for first-time parents is to not sweat the small stuff and be in the moment because it will be gone all too soon.

The baby item you can’t live without? The baby item I couldn’t live without is a sleep fan. Especially when you have other kids making so much noise.

What’s your most recent favorite Amazon purchase? Disney Codenames.

family all together

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