Simple Sales System: a profitable, sustainable way to scale your photography business!

As a photographer, have you ever felt the need to have a system that maximizes your profits while allowing you to make the best use of your time and creativity? Or a platform that can help take the burden off your shoulders? 

Being a lifestyle family photographer, I was faced with numerous challenges, especially when it comes to charging my clients. Raise your hand if this sounds familiar! When you don’t research and analyze the market, you won’t have a clear idea about what is your true worth. And I am sure many photographers like me must have faced such hard times. Thankfully, I have found something that really helped me to transform my business – Simple Sales System! This not only helped me scale up my photography business sustainably but also allowed me to focus on other essential things. In this blog, I would like to share some of the best things I liked about this system because I truly think that it can help you too.

Simple Sales System

  • Many photographers often feel that IPS (In-person sales) is the best approach as it lets them make money while engaging with their clients. I agree, but I have always felt the need for a system that I can use to sell my products, other than in-person sales. For the same reason, I wanted to utilize my Pic-time to its full potential for greater productivity and results. And thankfully, I was able to do so – the Simple Sales System could be easily implemented in Pic-time! I was definitely surprised how it raised my revenues!

    Some of the AMAZING benefits: I could offer my clients a limited gallery preview with an offering of pricing packages. Plus, they could easily customize the packages as per their choices. The system created multiple opportunities for them regarding buying prints and understanding the value of professional products. In other words, it has helped me harness the benefits of in-person sales strategies through the seamless online system, which was missing earlier. Doesn’t it sound great?
  • Since I have undertaken this course, I have started feeling more confident. You know as well as I do that this is what a photographer needs in order to thrive and succeed as a business owner. The blueprint system calculates everything precisely and lets me know what I need to charge my clients. With this simple, efficient workflow, I can do less thinking, focus on my creative aspects, and deliver a consistent experience to my clients.
  • Any business needs to have an engaging online presence for generating sales, and the photography business is no exception. The system allows me to do the math backward, based on my goals. It brought me a unique advantage as I could set the tone and rhythm of my business. I never lost sight and vision of the value of my time and expertise – which is definitely a challenge for many creatives!
  • Being part of the community, I could interact easily with other photographers and enhance my learning about the Simple Sales System App. All my queries were addressed through the system and it is informative enough to offer a Q & A section, a study hall, and access to other events. The community is simply amazing!

Setting up the system is relatively easy, and you can integrate it with other platforms too. However, if you face any issue, Annemie, as a true professional, will assist to make sure the system works fine for you, just like it worked for her – no fluff just amazing valuable info! If you wish to learn more about the system I have a code for you: KRISTENLISAPHOTOGRAPHY – a discount that you can use for the Simple Sales System Blueprint purchase. You’ll receive a $100 discount whether you pay in full or choose the payment plan.

Trust me, the Simple Sales System is amazing, and I am so grateful that I undertook the course. I understand how hard it is to be a photographer and I genuinely regret not undertaking it earlier, as it would have simplified my business in innumerable ways. After learning everything from this course, I saw a considerable increase in my earnings and growth in my business which wasn’t the case before.

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