One on One Mentoring

Can I just say thank you for trusting me with this opportunity to help your business grow and succeed? It’s such a treat to get to know a fellow photographer. As you learn with me, I hope you not only have more solid business plans after the mentoring session, but you know that I have your back! I am a completely open book and truly want everyone to succeed because I am a firm believer that there are enough great clients in the world for all of us.

I offer three different packages to fit your needs!

Business ($100)

A 90-minute Zoom session covering the basics of building a business, attracting clients, client experience, and/or whatever else you want to talk about! We can go over my client workflow or your client workflow. 

Photos ($100)

A 90-minute Zoom session covering the session itself. How I take photos whether it’s outdoors or at home (some behind the scene footage we can look and talk about together) and we can talk about the actual session galleries. We can also talk about your session flow and how you want to improve your own photos. We can go over your gallery or anything related to photo sessions. 

Editing ($100)

A 90-minute Zoom session covering the editing process in Lightroom and how I deliver the images to the clients. We can also talk about your editing process and how you want to improve your editing. 

Photo Walk ($300) 

We can cover one of the packages above plus we can go take photos in person. I can find a model or you can find a model. We will have a 30 minute session and we can talk all about photos during the session. This has to be somewhere in Naperville, IL. 

ビジネス編 ($100)

撮影編 ($100)

編集編 ($100)



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