Narrative Select: fast and user-friendly photography culling software and Narrative Publish: quick and easy SEO-friendly photography blogging software

Working manually on photos is quite frankly a daunting task. The process is sluggish and takes away a big chunk of your time and workflow. Thankfully, professional photo culling software is available, utilizing AI to make the process easier. Finding the best software can be challenging. So to help you, I have picked two software that I have tried and personally love – Narrative Select and Narrative Publish. Let’s go deeper into how they work:

What is Narrative Select?

Culling images isn’t fun and Narrative Select – a Photo culling software that is based around AI technology helps reduce the time to cull the photos in half. Impressive right?

How to use Narrative Select? 

It uses a combination of intelligent features that take away the annoying part of culling the images off your hands. It automatically detects faces that are either blinking or are out of focus and marks them as imperfect with a warning on those images. The images that you see with the warning labels can be hidden. With quick loading times and several keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly zoom in and lock on the specific expressions. Here, you can learn more about How to Use Narrative Select Software with more information on keyboard shortcuts.

Narrative Select vs. Photo Mechanic

I enjoyed using Narrative select, and I will continue to use it going forward. I could quickly cull through the individual images using this Photo culling software than Photo mechanic because I could instantly see the closeup panel and complete details. Other benefits that led me to prefer it over the Photo mechanic are

  • Reviewing thousands of images within a few seconds. 
  • With accurate eyes and focus assessments, it lets you quickly identify if the subject areas are in or out of focus.
  • The closeup panel lets you see everyone’s face perfectly without zooming in over the faces. 
  • With excellent assessments, you can quickly identify imperfect images and then hide them quickly, which means saving 20-30% of the time just scrolling through the photos.

What is Narrative Publish?

As a photographer, you could be constantly involved in a lot of activities, especially blogging your work. Therefore it’s crucial for you to look for better ways to improve the workflow. One such system is Narrative Publish, which lets you do fast blogging with image collages and unique layouts. I fell in love with this solution as it is effortless to use – it takes only a few minutes to create a blog post. It comes with other benefits such as image SEO settings, lightbox previews for images, fade and slide animations, a button for clients to download images, and so much more!

How to use Narrative Publish?

It is very user-friendly software. You have to choose the folder, and images get instantly uploaded. You need to click on the magic wand tool and the number of images you want to add. Once done, all the photos can be laid out beautifully in the blog post. If you’re going to make adjustments, it will take just a few seconds to crop or adjust the aspect ratio. Such things that used to take minutes up to an hour now can be done in a few seconds. It’s that simple! You can connect the App to your website which quickly uploads the whole layout, thus saving you a lot of time. 

The App provides you with tons of impactful designs and lets you customize the layouts. It enables you to easily work offline and once you get online, you can have the blog post published. The system offers SEO blogging features that let you add titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and image keywords. Such functionalities offer a great experience to the site users and make it more engaging.

I have been using Narrative Select and Narrative Publish for quite some time and found them amazing. They have helped me create beautiful blog layout designs and reduced my culling effort. If you also wish to use the Photo culling software to speed up processes and reduce your burden then feel free to grab your Select Pro at 10% Off. 

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This is not an ad. I just love Narrative and wanted to write a blog about it.

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