Modern Nursery Ideas to Welcome a New Baby

Setting up a baby nursery is an exciting moment for an expecting mom. It is a great creative outlet to keep you pretty occupied while waiting for your baby to come. It is also a great way to prepare yourself ahead of time by creating a conducive place where you can provide the utmost care to your little one in an easier way. But where does one even start?

There are many simple yet classic options when it comes to planning a nursery. Also, sometimes keeping up with all the trendy designs can be overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. For others, opting to DIY just isn’t for them. Getting an interior designer to help you create the dream nursery will make it easier. Besides providing a stylish design for your nursery room, they also know how to create a baby-friendly space. Something that every mom would want for their precious little ones. With that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of the best interior designers in Chicago that will help you create the best baby nursery according to your preference. 

Is there such a thing as too early to plan?

First things first, when should you plan or even consider getting the help of an expert in designing? Is it too early to prepare as soon as you find out you’re pregnant? Definitely not! You can start visualizing and collecting ideas on how you want the room to turn out as soon as possible. It is also great to have ample time to research trendy designs that you might prefer. 

The more options you have, the better! Do you want something simple or something quirky? Explore as much as you can to find out which style suits your taste. Do this by the time you are 18-20 weeks; in order to already have a theme in mind. You can start working with a designer to work on your preference from then onwards. From ordering things like pieces of furniture to painting the room and adding wallpaper installations – coordinating this with your interior designer will help you create a seamless aesthetic and timeline. Ideally, before you reach 36 weeks, the room should be ready already. This is just in case your little star decides to arrive at the party a little earlier than scheduled!

What are the different styles for your baby’s room?

Getting the help of an expert will help you have a stylish nursery that even adults would love. There are tons of trendy designs you can choose from, depending on your preference. Here are some combinations of colors and patterns that your designer can craft:

  • Gender-Neutral 

Designers opt for a minimalist look to have a gender-neutral room. By adding natural wood accents with a black and white color scheme, your baby’s room would fit no matter what its gender is.

  • Sophisticated Nursery

Do you prefer to add a classic touch to your nursery room? Coordinate with your designer in creating a coherent-looking space by using pops of powder blue and a botanical wallpaper to complete the look.

  • Farmhouse-style Nursery

Keep it cozy by asking your designer to use a light wood crib, wooden ceiling, and white shiplap wall for that authentic farmhouse-style vibe. 

  • Plush Nursery

Plan a playful and baby-friendly nursery with your designer by filling it with stuffed animals and soft textures like sheepskin rugs and pillows.

  • Chic Nursery Design

If you’re into the chic side, your designer can add geometric accents for that added texture. By going for a black-and-white color scheme and blending it perfectly with pops of blue and pink, you’ll have a chic nursery in no time. 

Why should you style your newborn’s bedroom?

As much as adults want to keep their bedroom as cozy as possible with an aesthetic that does precisely that, you surely want to give the same treatment to your newborn’s bedroom. After all, you’ll probably spend most of your time in the nursery. 

Not only that but styling your baby’s room will be great once you book a lifestyle newborn session. You won’t need to find another location as your newborn’s bedroom is charming enough for a shoot. It will make it even more personal and meaningful if your baby’s first photo session is inside a room that you prepared during your pregnancy. Taking photos of such will be a great way to commemorate this special milestone in a parent’s life.

Is setting up a baby nursery expensive?

Some first-time parents believe that setting up a baby’s room is just too costly, the truth is – it all boils down to how much you are willing to spend. The simple solution to this is to set the amount you want to spend and let your designer help you prioritize your budget. 

What are the essentials of a newborn’s bedroom?

It is vital to keep the nursery as baby-friendly as possible. Adding all the essentials below will create the best bedroom for your newborn. It will also make caring for your little one so much easier when everything an infant needs is in one place.

  • Crib or Bassinet

Whichever you prefer, make sure you choose something sturdy to keep your baby’s sleeping spot safe. 

  • Changing Table with Drawers

You’ll be changing hundreds of dirty diapers in your baby’s first year. Having a changing table with drawers will make it easier for you and keep everything more organized in your nursery.

  • Bedding

This functional comfort giver to your child also serves as an additional classic decor to your nursery.

  • Storage Baskets

You can put this on the floor next to your baby’s crib to make it a cute decor with a purpose.

  • Dresser

This much-needed piece of nursery furniture is essential to keep the little garments more organized. Keeping it in organized compartments will make locating their clothes, socks, or bibs easier.

  • Clothes Hamper

Clothes hamper can maintain the tidiness of a baby nursery as it keeps all the dirty garments of your newborn in one place.

Let’s keep these exciting moments of having a newborn and designing a baby nursery alive in photos! Don’t hesitate to reach out and book a photo session with me! (contact me here)

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