How to Prepare Twins for a Family Photo Session | Posing Tips for Twins Photography

Let’s set the tone right…my first time taking pictures of a family with twin girls! WAS I EXCITED?! YES!! Those beautiful girls showed up and the session was the easiest ever (maybe I shouldn’t jinx future sessions by thinking they’ll all be this easy?). It was such a fun and upbeat session and they made me want to do more twin sessions. Are there any twins out there?


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How to Prepare Twins for a Family Photo Session

Preparing a session for twins is similar to the regular sessions with multiple kids. I want to share what I learned from the session to prepare twins for a family photo session! 

  1. Bring snacks and drinks: Have double the snacks and drinks ready to keep them entertained when they need breaks. Choose snacks that don’t get in the hands and make months not too messy. Goldfish and fruit snacks are my go-to! 
  2. Choose comfortable clothing: Mom wanted to change their outfits, but we talked about bringing comfortable outfits, especially if it was a hot day. The kids did great for the outfit change! The kids wanted to walk barefoot at the end which was such a fun idea! 
  3. Be prepared for spontaneous moments: Double the cuteness, but sometimes double the wildness! When one twin wants to do something, the other twin wants to follow. Stay positive and flexible! They just want to explore together. If the twins have a sibling, involve the sibling, too. 
  4. Plan for breaks: Be strategic with the breaks. They can eat snacks, but you can say they can take “breaks” by finding a flower, playing with grass, or sitting on the ground with a cute background. You can take photos while they are taking breaks. 
  5. Include Traditions: It can be as easy as a secret handshake! This mom wanted to bring a prop to have the kids hold. I don’t think props are necessary, but twins always have inside jokes and it’s cute to capture their memories.

Posing Ideas for a Family Session with Twins

  • Dance: Ask the kids to dance! Double the dance moves. 
  • Hand in Hand: holding hands or linking arms. They can walk towards the photographer or just let them be and they will start playing together and it’s the cutest! 
  • Back-to-Back: It’s easy and the synchronized posing makes a good photo. They can either sit or stand back to back. 
  • Hug it Out: When you don’t know what to do, hugging is the way to capture their connection! 
  • Individual Portraits: don’t forget to take an individual photo, too! It’s also nice to have an individual photo with their mom and dad because they usually don’t get to take photos by themselves.

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