How to make an Instagram loop post

It’s quite simple once you get started! The Instagram loop is basically a big circle of a post. You write a post about the theme of the loop and everyone who is involved in a loop will have the same paragraph of what the loop is about at the end of the post with “next up is @____” then you can click on the next person. The loop will ultimately “loop” back to your Instagram account.

Here are some easy steps on how to make an Instagram loop!

  1. Find people to create the loop post

This can be a FB community group, local businesses, or anyone you want to do a loop with. Find someone you want to connect with and you can create an Instagram group so that you can start making the loop happen! This means you become the loop facilitator.

2. Come up with a paragraph to introduce what this loop is about by using a hashtag

This is an example:

“Welcome to #thejoyfulphotographerloop where we gather here – artists learned, inspired, and made lasting friendships. Next up is @__________and she is going to share something that brought her joy this week!”

You write something related to the loop first and everyone copies the same paragraph with the themed hashtag and the next person’s account at the end of the post. (click here for my sample post)

3. Make sure that the loop is working

This is the most important part of the loop! When the loop facilitator makes a DM loop group, the facilitator will start by writing something like this.


Roll call @_________

Then the next person who wants to join will write


Roll call @______


Then the third person who wants to join will write


Roll call @______



The last person/account will loop back to the first person. Makes sense?

4. Schedule a post at the same time, so that everyone can like and comment on the post

The facilitator usually decides the date and time and everyone will post at the same time. You need to like and comment on everyone’s posts. This is the fun part! Instagram favors comments that have more than four words, so you can be supportive by writing something more meaningful than “so cute!” or “I like this.”

5. You can keep doing a weekly loop for a couple of months, until a designated timeline or even just once… whatever you want!

Now, you finish the first loop…. you can keep doing this as much as you would like. You can also create a new loop with other people. I am usually involved in a loop that has a limited time so that people don’t have to keep doing this forever.

Let me know how it goes! My Instagram is @kristenlisaphotography!


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