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Spring makes every location more beautiful because of its vibrant colors and stunning flowers. The perfect weather invites everyone to go outside after the winter months and even opt for a photo shoot during this season. But how can you choose the perfect spring photo outfits that would go flawlessly with your chosen theme? As a photographer, I know how overwhelming it is to prepare clothing for a shoot, especially if you are planning the look for the other family members as well. That is why I made a guide below to help you plan your spring outfits for your family session this 2022.

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Spring Photo Outfits to Choose

Spring brings a certain freshness and unique light and airy feeling into photos, so highlighting it with the right outfit will provide the best possible outcome for your family session. Don’t worry. With my guidance, choosing fun outfits for your shoot is simpler than you think. 

Comfortable clothes

No matter the season, you should dress in clothing that would make your family feel comfortable, especially your kids. This is essential to capture the fun moments of everyone, which can be very difficult when wearing something uncomfortable. It’s hard to have fun when you’re feeling miserable after all! Here’s what to look for in comfortable clothing:

  • Choose spring outfits with light fabric so they won’t irritate you if it gets too warm in the middle of the shoot. Cotton is always a comfy choice and is most suitable for kids. 
  • Shiny fabrics that cling and catch the light are not flattering for spring photo outfits. Don’t let your kid wear a dress with tulle underskirts since it can be itchy for some girls, especially during an outdoor shoot.
  • The footwear should always be practical. Make sure your shoes fit the location so you won’t have any problem walking from one area to another. Please don’t wear new shoes during an outdoor shoot because you will naturally feel uncomfortable in them. 

Fitted or Tailored Clothes

Keep it elegant by wearing classic clothes that fit well. You will look larger and shabby when dressed in baggy clothes. For moms, a longer top, a three-quarter length shirt, or wearing a sweater would suit you well.

Layer up

It doesn’t mean you have to go for bulky jackets. You can add texture to your spring photo outfits with chunky knits and muted-colored sweaters, which are all so flattering. Adding light layers gives your photo some dimension and makes it more interesting.

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Coordinate a color scheme, not matching colors

No, your entire family doesn’t need to wear the same color. It’s an outdated style of family portraits and, to be honest, doesn’t make the photo elegant. You can coordinate around the same palette but choose colors that are not too matching. 

You can choose one or two tones within a color scheme and add neutrals to complement it. When deciding what color palette fits a spring season session, here are some tips to consider. 

  • Pick One or Two Spring Colors

No color palette says spring more than pastels. Not only does it complement the greenery around your location, but it also photographs nicely. Keep in mind to choose tones from the pastel palette that are not too matching. Mix up pink, peach, lilac, and coral instead. 

If you’re not into pastel colors, neutrals still work in the spring. Use cream, tans, gray shades, and balance them with one or two people in a darker tone, such as caramel, dark tan, or charcoal; for a more balanced look. Adding a variety of textures makes your photos look perfectly balanced – not too white or ivory.

  • Choose Colors Based on Your Skin Tones

It can be tempting to go for colorful shades because of the season, but it is still necessary to pick hues that complement your skin tone. Determine your color profile by checking the veins in your wrist. A cool skin tone’s veins appear blue, while a warm skin tone has mostly green or olive-colored veins. Cool hues will fit you best if you have a cool skin tone, while warm colors fit those with a warm skin tone. Besides that, those with neutral skin can wear any color depending on their eye and hair color. Neutral skin has blue-green or purple-ish veins.

  • Balance Everything with Neutrals

Adding neutrals when planning the outfits for your family session will give you a more natural feel to your photos. If everyone wears the same colorful base, the tendency is it will look too matchy-matchy. Keep it elegant by adding neutrals such as tan, gray, ivory, brown, and lighter blue -jean blue to break up the palette. 

  • Completely Avoid Extreme Colors and Patterns

Leave the colorful neon outfits for another occasion. Such tones serve as a reflector that casts a weird tone on your skin. Don’t wear tight patterns either. The moire effect that these patterns cause looks unflattering in photographs. 

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Build a collection

Each member’s spring outfits should vary in texture and patterns but should look like they’re a part of a store collection. This way, you can still showcase the unique personality of each individual and have not too matching outfits.

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Best Locations for a Spring Family Photos in Chicago Suburbs

It is best to have a portrait of your loved ones in the natural beauty of the great outdoors during spring. Below, I have listed the best places to have a photo session.

  • Cantigny Park in Wheaton

Their award-winning gardens are incredible during spring. Not to mention the fun experience everyone can have on their picnic grounds, nature trails, and red oaks farm playground. The kids will definitely have a blast in this place.

  • Lilac Park in Lombard 

With over 700 lilacs and 35,000 tulips annually, this park will make every portrait bloom even more during your spring session.

  • Buss Woods in Schumburg 

For a forest vibe, the Buss Woods gives the perfect outdoor experience for everyone. The ancient upland forest and lake provide the ideal backdrop for your photos.

  • St.James Farm in Warrenville 

Enjoy the view, go for a trail, enjoy a good picnic, try fishing, or ride a horse. The activities in this place will be the perfect opportunity for candid photos of everyone, and the experience will be even more memorable.

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