How I started getting ideal family photography clients

I still remember the day I was on a call with my first client after I changed my pricing to a $1K family session and the mom said, “that sounds good.” I was in shock that someone would pay that much money for my photos and I almost said “are you sure you want to spend that much money on me?” 

I am going to let you what I did differently compared to the previous clients to land on the perfect family. As much as it’s about the money, it’s not about the money. Money comes after the hard work you put in to make sure what the client wants and how I presented myself as their perfect fit. This was how the customer experienced the session. 

“An introverted husband and I were able to relax the entire time during the photo session! You are so natural. Of course, all the photos were beautiful, but we loved working with Kristen because we were able to have a good time without feeling nervous including my son. That’s probably what I recommend to people the most because even if the photos are pretty, I don’t want to have an awkward session. Thank you for making us look natural and feel like our normal selves!”

 —The Porter Family

I felt like a winner when I  realized the value of the marketing and business side of photography. Before I get into the details, can I be super cheesy? 


Everyone has self-doubts and I don’t know there is a way to work around that, but I know that a little bit of push and confidence can help you achieve so much more than you can imagine. 

Now, here is to what we really want to talk about today: how to land a $1K family photography client

#1 Have someone to talk to

This business can be very lonely. I certainly couldn’t be where I am today without my cheerleaders including my family and my photographer friends. There are so many resources out there that you can learn from but it’s hard to pinpoint your exact solutions. Also, that’s one of the reasons why I invest in workshops and coaching programs because they guide me in the right direction. You find your community and bounce off ideas is one of the best investments I’ve made. Find your friend. 

#2 Narrow down your style and your dream clients

What kind of people do you feel excited to photograph? What kind of editing style do you keep scrolling back to? What kind of photographers do you keep listening to for advice? You know what you like. You just have to focus on what REALLY makes you happy. Have 30 minutes to yourself. Listen to calm music and write down what makes a perfect client – personalities, occupations, area they live in, and so on. You’ve got this! 

#3 Offer an experience that no one else can offer

Let’s say that you have 100 other photographers that offer the same service as you in your area, how can you differentiate yourself?  Experience. Did you read the customer review at the beginning? The client didn’t really talk about the photos they received. It was all about how they felt during the session. You are the only one who can offer your style of service and that’s how you can differentiate yourself from others. That’s when clients want to come back to you because they like your style. That’s why #2 is so important because you want to make sure that your service and experience align with your dream clients. 

Now go find your dream clients and wow! them by being you 🙂 

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