Getting ghosted by a client? What to say when your client doesn’t reply to you.

My client doesn’t respond after the first inquiry.

I don’t know when to send the next email.

I’m not sure how to phrase things. 

Sounds familier?

I made a free PDF guide on what to say when your client doesn’t reply to you.

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You will get clients who don’t reply to your email no matter what, but I have discovered a way to help communicate better with a client so here we go!

  1. Write a REALLY GOOD first response email

When I write the first email, I make sure I write enough details but not too much that they want to book a phone consultation with me. Let’s say if they want to ask about the pricing, location etc., I still talk about enough information, but I write a client, “I’m happy to share more details over the phone, so we are on the same page. Most clients will agree with a phone call.

  1. Make a phone consultation

When a client talks to you over the phone, they get to know you better and you can establish a relationship quicker. This really helped me and client to be on the same page and it’s an easy way to prevent any miscommunication. If you don’t like to talk to people over the phone, you can also make an introducation video and send it to a client You can cover what you would be talking about duirng the first phone cosultation, so you can just send a video link!

  1. Send a follow-up email with a question

When you write a question in your very first follow-up email, that can help encourage response from the client. You can ask “how old are your children?” or “do you want to take photos indoor or outdoor?” The questions have to be simple, but engaging enough for clients to want to write you back.

Don’t take it personally! Most moms are very busy and they just simply forget to respond you most of the time.

FREE follow-up email guide here!


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