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This job is so fulfilling, yet so lonely and demanding at the same time. Anyone else feel the same way?


I started connecting with other photographers and sharing information that helps both of us. I love that about this industry - we can help improve our photos and business together.

Hi, I'm Kristen


5 Steps to Doing a Successful Model Call Session Guide

Want to level up your portfolio, but you have no idea how to do a successful model call? Download this 20-page guide and you know exactly what to do!

Follow-up Email

What to say when your client doesn’t reply to you

Have a hard time coming up with what to say to a client? I've got you!

Quick Call

If you have some burning photography business-related questions and want some answers, I am here to help!


90-minute Zoom call ($239)

Document in-home and/or outdoor sessions with more connections

Create a stress-free customer experience for both you and your clients

Discuss what kind of marketing that works for your business and all the other questions you have! Some marketing questions such as SEO may be limited to photographers outside of Chicago area.

My favorite business tools


Pic-time : Perso nable online gallery platform

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Select : Best culling and blogging service

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Flodesk : stunning design Email marketing platform

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Siteground : Reliable webhosting platform

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Dubsado: Top-notch CRM

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