Dubsado: Best CRM for family photographers

What is CRM? 

CRM – In simple words, is a Customer Relationship Management software that focuses on strategies, tools, and technologies for developing, retaining, and enhancing customer experiences while interacting with your business. With the help of the product, you can gather critical client information from multiple platforms. It ensures to make your existing business processes seamless and more streamlined by storing the client’s purchase history, personal information, and behavioral patterns.

When it comes to creative business, CRM for photographers is an excellent product that makes your life hassle-free and more sorted. It has significantly improved the efficiency of the professionals who have implemented it in their businesses. 

Why do photographers need CRM?

I often end up wasting too much of my time multitasking a lot of stuff like planning, coordinating, marketing, traveling, and meeting my clients, which leaves me with little energy. And I am sure many photographers just like me must have undergone similar experiences. Therefore, to immerse yourself in the creative business and deliver utmost satisfaction to your clients, you must utilize the efficiency and benefits the CRM tool has to offer. 

With the help of the CRM, you can focus on the creative aspect of your business – Photography. It lets you track the essential details related to your clients. That covers everything specific to the costs, services they have chosen, and your association with them. When you are working with your team members in the studio, having a system in place is a must for organizing the information. It results in error-free, data-enhanced accuracy and security, which is essential for improving the business’s productivity. I always advise that as photographers we should use CRM products from a renowned and established service provider. This is because the CRM products are user-friendly and can be accessed using your credentials to log in to the account. You can access the leads and follow-ups with your clients via emails/calls through the account.

These are some of the main reasons CRM for photographers is better than the traditional systems. Thankfully, there are several CRM for photographers available in the market, so it makes it easier for you to choose the one that best meets your requirements as well as your photographic needs. 

Why Dubsado? 

Dubsado is an excellent CRM tool that has helped me a lot while I was facing trouble organizing the data, such as my contracts with the clients, email, invoices, and a lot more. I had no idea where to begin. This is where the CRM came in. I experimented with a lot of software, but I was looking for the one that could help me stay at the top of my business. Thanks to Dubsado, it helped me survive and deal with everyday challenges with ease. It supported me in some of the following ways:

  • Keep track of your finances
    Gone are the days of manual tracking, as now you can easily keep track of invoices, critical data, and finances.
  • Client management
    Helpful in creating and managing the client information. Client data is captured through the leads integrated through the forms on the website, emails, and other online platforms.
  • Contracts and forms

You can use templates, build proposals, send questionnaires, and use custom CSS to develop alignment aligned to your business.

  • Branding
    You can easily customize your dashboard as per your business branding without much effort. It lets you upload your business logo, connect with personal emails and create URLs for the different forms online. With the help of tools, you can even use your logos, fonts, photos, videos to give a whole new meaning to branding. 
  • Helps in automation
    The system helps with the automation of the processes in the workflows as it lets you send the emails, reminders automatically. You can set generic reminders as well as get-to-do reminders for you and your clients. As I have multiple projects and comprehensive workflows tied to my projects, I am not able to do anything manually. With the help of the CRM software, my forms are well connected to emails. I have to simply set the system and everything is done.
  • Payments

With the help of CRM products, you can quickly get overdue reminders, can send the invoices easily, and get paid online.

  • Integration

You can integrate the software quickly with other products such as Google, iCloud, outlook, office 365. It helps you centralize the data as no one has the time to go through emails or login to PayPal to check if you got paid.

  • Accounting and reporting

It helps business managers easily track their leads, view the past invoices all in one place, and can view the full history of transactions. 

  • Video Embedding

I was so satisfied when I could embed the videos in the proposals and forms for my clients to review my work.

These are some of the topmost reasons why the product is my all-time favorite. I am sure you will also love it if you start using it!

Dubsado vs. Honeybook

Many professionals often ask which is the better software, whether it’s Honeybook or Dubsado. Having used both, I have the same answer every time, each software has its benefits. Based on your requirements, you are the one who should ultimately decide which you like the best. I will share some of my observations that I feel will be helpful for you.


  • Online payments
    The company charges its customers a 3% transaction fee on every transaction made by the customer. This is quite a high amount in comparison to the other products.
  • Automation
    The software offers step-by-step custom workflows, which considerably reduce your workload. You now efficiently respond to the client’s emails and immediately schedule or send the reminders.
  • Pre-defined templates
    If you don’t have the contract copies then the system easily lets you use the pre-designed contracts. As a business manager, it will save a lot of your time and all you need to do is use the standard contracts, customize them and send them across to your clients.
  • Integration
    You can integrate the software with other products such as QuickBooks, Gmail, google calendar, calendly, zapier.
  • Scheduling
    With the help of Honeybook, you can schedule the emails and can send links within emails with constant reminders/updates to the clients as and when required.
  • Branding
    Using your brand elements, you can customize the Honeybook dashboard, emailers, forms, etc.

Dubsado offers similar features like Honeybook. Though Honeybook provides excellent customer service, they make more profits and don’t offer more features than Dubsado.

As a tool, Dubsado is excellent for operations in smaller teams, and with this software, you don’t even lose 3% for every transaction made. In my opinion, it is the best CRM for photographers with enhanced features and more friendliness than Honeybook.

Dubsado vs. 17 hats

Both Dubsado & 17 hats are excellent CRM for photographers. More or less, both of them have similar features. However, I have prepared pros and cons to help you identify the best one based on your needs.

17 hats


  • Excellent finance tracking tool. 
  • It can be easily customized.
  • Contracts, invoices, questionnaires, calendar integration.


  • The interface is not as user-friendly as Dubdso’s.
  • Very little brand design or customization.
  • The product offers minimal customization ability in comparison to Dubsado



  • Flexible workflow
  • Custom portal
  • Templated emails
  • Contracts, invoices, questionnaire
  • Calendar integration
  • Scheduling, appointment booking, consultation, and meetings
  • Excellent services


  • Conditional logic is presently not available in the product.

What made Dubsado stand out? According to my observations, Dubsado is excellent software, wonderfully designed with numerous in-built features. That makes me choose Dubsado over other products.

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology now, there are plenty of CRM for photographers. So you can easily find the one that’s ideal for you and your photographic aspirations. Some of the other favorite CRM for photographers that I think you can explore are Tave, Studio Ninja, Sprout Studio, Iris Words. These CRM tools are studio software management for photographers that are excellent for tracking how much time you have spent, products you have sold, and other valuable data.

How to use Dubsado as a family photographer?

Did you ever think that you would end up spending too much of your time administering and managing the business when you started as a family photographer? Emails, follow-ups, invoicing, and so on! Even when I started, I lost too much of my productivity doing mundane tasks. But thanks to Dubsado, it has helped me improve my business efficiency. You can join on a quick spin of using the software and managing client bookings.

Are you ready to try Dubsado? Then what are you waiting for?

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