A coaching program for family photographers that want to share unique family stories.


Know exactly how to handle all situations during your family sessions so you leave feeling self-assured that your client will have photos they adore.

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Are you done snapping the

same photos with similar

posing ALL THE TIME?

You don’t want to be a mediocre photographer and you want to create photos that no one can duplicate. Go from hearing, “I could have taken these photos on my iPhone” to “I can’t wait to share these photos with my friends!”

You've been shooting family sessions for quite some time now and while you absolutely love what you're doing, you can't help but feel like your photos could be better…

Let me guess. you've tried all the strategies to have a smooth, stress-free, and fun session but for some reason, it never turns out quite the way you imagined.

everyone thinks they are a photographer because they own a smartphone. that is, until they experience for themselves the true art of storytelling through your photos. i can teach you how!

I see you over there wearing all the hats, building your business while you chase after the littles, and doing all the right things. You’re working so hard to create something so meaningful...but, it’s time to stop wishing you could take photos that you love or take photos like this photographer or that photographer, and turn your photos that every customer will rave over!


Regardless of where you are in your journey, this one-on-one online coaching is just for you!

You are here to become a better version of yourself.
You are here to become a better version of yourself.
Not to become another me.
But, imagine if...

1. You know exactly what to do during the session and you have full control (and have fun, too).


2. You have detailed posing prompts to walk you through the exact workflow.


3. You know what to say to get natural, relaxed expressions every time.


4. You're able to walk away from every session with a gallery full of images your clients will want to purchase.

But, imagine if...






three-month coaching program for family photographers who are ready to learn how to do family sessions their clients can't stop talking about and to show up with confidence in every session.

Inside my 1:1 online coaching program for three months, you’ll learn from .....


  • Feel nervous about a new location
  • Unsure how to take pictures at home and/or outdoor
  • Can’t find clients who want to take family sessions
  • Unsure about how to approach clients
  • Have no clue how to prepare clients for sessions
  • Deal with kids who won’t cooperate
  • Hope that every house and/or location has good lighting


  • Show up to a new house and/or location with confidence
  • Take pictures at home and/or outdoor that both you and clients love
  • Book family session sessions with people you want to work with
  • Connect with families
  • Help kids feel comfortable
  • Prepare families with ease
  • Take pictures confidently with any lighting situation
  • Understand the situation and act quickly


How it works.



FIRST MONTH (90-minute zoom call)

Understand the story

Create an action plan for the next 12 months to level up your business


Critique your photos together to focus on a more purposeful image with ease (Storytelling)


Search for a model call family that fits your needs


Q & A dedicated time at the end of the call to answer any questions about this month's topic

for extra clarity and action steps


SECOND MONTH (90-minute zoom call)

Create Magic

Prepare the client for the session (what to say in

an email and write on a session guide)


Share my workflow and my experiences at the session

(I’m an open book and I will share from the beginning to

end of my workflow including troubleshooting, so you

can get ideas on how to tailor to your own business)


Q & A dedicated time at the end of the call to answer

any questions about this month's topic for extra clarity

and action steps


THIRD MONTH (90-minute zoom call)

master the business

Talk about the model call photos and session flow (focus on how to have consistent, emotional images)


Learn the fundamentals of marketing

Let's create a business the way you want to grow!


Q & A dedicated time at the end of the call to answer any questions about this month's topic for extra clarity and

action steps


THIRD MONTH (90-minute zoom call)

Continue to grow

Zoom + online lessons available


You can learn at your own pace with a monthly Zoom support


You can ask me any questions during the program, so keep learning!

What's included in the online course:


BTS outdoor and indoor sessions

Trouble shooting for a darker house

My workflow

Basic marketing fundamentals



Free style guide + session guide with copy


“My mentoring sessions with Kristen were wonderful! She was so great at getting to know me and what my goals with photography were and then gearing our discussions towards helping me work toward those goals. She shared a lot of personal resources with me that she has created to provide an example of what to email clients, what a style guide can look like, what a model call is, and how to find and contact someone for a model call shoot, and more! She really helped me see what is realistic for my current life circumstances and goals so I focus my time and attention on tasks that will be most beneficial for my business. It was also wonderful getting to know her and making a friend in the photography world!”


choose the plan that works for you!


Pay in Full - $1,200

3 months of private coaching

90 minute coaching call

(5 calls total)

Proven roadmap to success

Online worksheets

Slack unlimited chat during the program


Three Monthly payments - $450

3 months of private coaching

90 minute coaching call

(5 calles total)

Proven roadmap to success

Online worksheets
Slack unlimited chat during the program


Do you live in Chicago or nearby and want to do an actual photo session with me? Let’s do it!

Pay an additional $300 and we will find a model family and take pictures together during the second month.


Who is this program for?


This is for YOU if…

→You want to transform your photos to the next level this year!


→You want to have confidence in any situation you are in during sessions.


→You want to connect with clients in a more authentic way and serve your clients in a unique way that they want to keep coming back to you.


→You want to stop wasting time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your business. You want answers tailored to your needs.


→You’ve got great ideas, but don’t know how to execute them and you need someone to show you how to turn those ideas into real action.


This isn’t for YOU if…


→You know what the family session is all about, know how to confidently take pictures with any lighting, and know how to attract dream clients. Go you! Keep showing up.


→You don’t want to grow your business and earn more money. You are okay with the way you are photographing then keep shooting!


→You don’t want to put into the work. Changing what you do now takes a lot of effort mentally and physically. It’s a commitment.


→You don’t want to invest in yourself. Investing feels like throwing the money away, but I’ve learned the most by investing myself.


Hi, I'm Kristen

I’m a lifestyle in-home family and newborn photographer in Chicago.

I am a lover of the connection and emotions of families.

My goal is to elevate your family photography while still staying true to your art and capturing the family’s true emotion.


After taking family photos for a while, I’ve learned how to connect with families at their most comfortable place called home, how to tell stories in the most unique way, and how to make people feel like a million bucks even if they are an ordinary family.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.”

— Chinese Proverb

Why now is the best time to go truly after what you love!


I used to feel SO nervous going to every single new home.

What if I can’t take pretty photos on this particular day.

Do I have to cancel if it’s cloudy?

What if I can’t take the photos the way the family wants?


You know you want photos you love without feeling nervous.


Birthday, Maternity, Anniversary

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I just started a photography business? Is that too early to take the next step?


First of all, congratulations!! That’s so exciting! That is the best time to invest in yourself so you can skip all the steps I had to DIY. I wish I invested a lot more so I knew what I was doing early on. Way to go taking the step to grow your business!

2. What if I don’t know how to price myself right or how many photos I should deliver.


Not to worry, together we'll build out your pricing and packages to best support you and your clients

3. Are we going to talk about the business side of things?


YES! I want to achieve all the goals you have. I am happy to share photography marketing which is also a fun topic to cover.

4. When does this Zoom call happen?


We will talk about a time that works for you! We are all busy, so let’s make sure we talk when you want to talk!

5. What if I don’t take pictures at home? Can I still get enrolled and learn about family photography?


Of course! I take pictures outdoors all the time. The best part about a one-on-one coaching program is that we can tailor it to your needs. Let’s talk!

6. What if I don’t want to invest right now?


Time is money! You can definitely keep learning by yourself or you can learn the process quicker and learn all the good and bad I’ve done. I’m an open book and will share all of my methods I’ve used to become where I am at today. Do you want to become a photographer? Or do you want this to be a hobby? Now it’s time to become a true business owner.

7. How long is the FB community available?


You can access it during the coaching call which is three months.

You don’t have to do it all. No more guessing games!
Birthday, Maternity, Anniversary

If you're ready to take your photography business to the next level in 2022 by learning to attract your dream clients, book family sessions that you love,

and make more money .... now is your chance!


Birthday, Maternity, Anniversary

Still not sure?


I totally get it. Investing in your business is a big step.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about this course. Please feel free to send me an email!


Let's Chat!