Best Professional Organizer for Your In-home Family Session

Owning a house should bring you the feeling of comfort and security, but it’s hard to have that feeling when all you see is a massive space of clutter. If this is a problem to the point where you’re embarrassed to invite other people to come over, it sounds like you have to consider working with a professional home organizer. Not only will you have a spotless house afterward, but you’ll also be welcoming the idea of an in-home family session in no time!

What is a professional organizer?

Just to be clear, a professional home organizer does not clean your house. Yes, their goal is for you to have a tidy home, but their primary role is to improve your living space. From creating a system to make it easier for you to manage your interior area correctly to decluttering and organizing your items most effectively; they are the experts you would want to have beside you.

Finding the right professional organizer

Now that you know you require the help of an expert in organizing every part of your house – from your kid’s room down to your kitchen; finding the right person for the job is what comes next. What should you consider when hiring a professional in the first place? Here are some things you need to have in mind:

  • Recommendations

Ask for feedback from their previous clients to know if they are reliable or not. This will also help you decide if they can give you the service you need. How to find good recommendations? Start by asking the people around you, it can be a good friend or your neighbor. It is best if they also gained the same service that you’ll need – may it be organizing a closet, preparing your nursery, or revamping an entire bedroom. Somehow, knowing that they already had a satisfied client and are recommended by most people, makes it easier for you to trust them.

  • Consultation

Having a consultation is a can’t-miss step because it provides you with an opportunity to gauge their personality, style, and work ethic. Some offer free ones, while others charge a specific fee for their time and advice. Your experience during the consultations is a great way to know if someone is the right person for the job.

  • Credentials

The point of getting a professional home organizer is that you want the service of an expert. But how can you figure out if you are working with a professional or not? Sometimes it is very simple! Ask whether they have any credentials. Most experts are members of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) or The American Society of Professional Organizers. Having certifications shows the ins and outs of the field. 

  • Expertise

As with any field, the professional home organizer also has specific niches. Getting help from experts in their fields will result in a superb outcome. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with generalists who organize anything and everything, but having a specialist work on your kid’s rooms or master bedroom will make you feel more at ease.

Professional organizers’ hourly rate

Depending on their expertise and service rendered, an organizer can charge $117 for an average job. Prices may vary as they may also charge an average of $55 per hour for their services. Naturally, the more effort involved – such as heavy lifting and complicated structures; the higher the cost. In most cases, the charge of organizing your nursery or closet will depend on the level of difficulty.

Items to Purchase To Maintain A Clean and Organized House

Your professional organizer will guide you in purchasing the right items to create an amazing and cozy living space. Most would even arrange the procurement and delivery of the items needed to keep everything organized. Remember that they are not just planning to keep your house tidy for your scheduled in-home family session – they aim to build a system that you can stick to in the long run!

The items below will help you maintain the tidiness even after gaining the services from these experts. 

Spotless kitchen

  • Minimalist cupboard
  • Uniform containers
  • Labeled containers
  • Aesthetic baskets
  • Kitchen cloths

Organized closet

  • Organizers to store clothes by category
  • Coordinated hangers
  • Storage boxes for rolled shirts, pajamas, and workout clothes
  • Vertical storage space
  • Drawer dividers for undergarments

Storage ideas for your kid’s room

  • Stack crates
  • Bins with Tops
  • Coat Hooks
  • Floating shelves

Clean master bedroom

  • Build storage benches
  • Night table with drawers
  • Under-bed storage box with wheels
  • Lint remover
  • Organized closet

Baby-friendly nursery

  • Sturdy crib or bassinet with container
  • Double function dresser and changing table
  • Hamper
  • Diaper pail
  • Baby monitor to keep your newborn safe and see if it’s time for a diaper change

How much time will it take to organize an entire house?

I know, it can be pretty overwhelming to think about how much time it will take to organize your entire house! You need to invest so much time, energy, and of course, money to achieve the pristine state you want your living space to be. When it comes to how worth it is to tidy up where you live, the answer is – it’s totally worth it!

Arranging your home space also affects the health of those who live in it. People living in an organized area are happier, healthier, and calmer in their mental state. But how much time should you invest before you can have one? It depends on the size of your house, how challenging the condition is, and the availability of resources to finish the project. A professional home organizer can allocate 6 to 8 hours per session.

The session will depend completely on your needs. Just keep in mind from the very start that it will take time before you have everything organized because this is not just for tidying up your house; it is also about learning a system for maintaining it. Sure, it will be nice to have a family session where you can showcase every bit of your house right away, but starting from one area to another will make it more workable. 

How about having a family session after your professional home organizer has completed their magic and transformed your place? Contact me now so we can start working together! (Click here)

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