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Hi there!

What sessions are all about...

Aunt Kristen’s visit

I love getting to know people and always make sure I get to know you before we have a session together so that I am no stranger. Just tell your kids that your aunt or friend Kristen is coming to play today aka to take pictures. I like to have a good time, so we will be chatting and playing a lot.

authentic family moments

All of the emotions are captured. If the kids want to run around or to take a break, that’s totally fine! Even a quick break can end up being a sweet moment to photograph. I have kids who are timid, wild, and energetic. I am good at making kids smile and calming them down.

Unique family story

Your photos reflect your family history. There is something special about having a picture on the wall rather than scrolling through a cell phone. Let’s bring back some good memories!

I'm a family and newborn lifestyle photographer in Tokyo, and have been taking pictures for the past eight years.

My sweet husband Alex and I have a son and a daughter. I might be biased, but they are the cutest human beings!

Hi, I'm Kristen




When I’m not holding my camera, I like to…

…eat ice cream, especially cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. (It's dangerous!)

…shop online, especially for clothes for my kids. (For further evidence, see the endless list of items on hold in my Amazon cart.)

…spend time with my family watching a show, playing games, or just talking about a day.

…connect with my family and friends. I have loved ones who live far away, so thank goodness for FaceTime!

…spend time with my kids. My son loves Star Wars and my daughter loves everything princess.

…eat cereal at night. Something about eating it at night makes it extra amazing! Who's with me?!


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