Are you tired of trying to capture the authentic, everyday moments of your favorite people on your phone, but feeling unsatisfied with your results?


Learn to take photos that you’ll love with this course!

A Mommy Photo Mini course

Master Photography Basics

on iPhone

The online course to teach moms how to capture authentic, everyday moments of their favorite people to hold for a lifetime without a fancy camera.

Right now there’s one huge problem…

You don’t know what you don’t know. There are so many tutorials on how to take better photos on your phone, but it is hard to find solutions for learning specifically how to take photos of your family and kids’ activities.

Days go too quickly! Are you ready to take professional and candid photos of your kids on your phone that have you smiling for years?

three kids playing in a playroomBirthday, Maternity, Anniversary

Right now your options are to start watching YouTube videos on how to take photos on your phone, learning a lot about how to take better photos in general or start scrolling endless Instagram posts wishing your photos look like other mom’s photos… and it all feels like it’s such a waste of time and energy without getting good results.


But it doesn't have to be that way…. No more getting frustrated with your photos or wishing your photos looked just like the other moms on Instagram because I have news for you!

a girl using a chalk to draw by the doorstepFamily Lifestyle

Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, imagine if you can learn how to…

-Take the family and kids’ activity photos

-Pose kids in candid moments

-Learn to take photos before the moment is gone

-Work with sunlight and shade

-Spot a good background

Here are 3 reasons why A Mommy Photo Workshop is the best way to learn how to take photos you’ll love!

Reason 1: This is the fastest way to learn how to take family photos.


There are many courses out there, but this course focuses on taking family photos, not other genres.

Reason 2: This is the easiest way to learn how to take everyday photos.


I won’t be providing content with a lot of technical words. My course is designed for moms who want to learn to take authentic, real moments of your family.

Reason 3: This course produces results.


As a professional, I take photos of my own family using the exact same techniques. I love heaving our everyday photos and my family loves looking at them in albums.




A Mommy Photo

Mini Course

on taking photos you'll love

– the quick and easy way to take ordinary, candid family photos without learning fancy camera lingo!


This online course will help you to stop feeling overwhelmed with everything about photos, and start applying what you learn today!

two kids looking at each otherBirthday, Maternity, Anniversary

Here’s what you get when you order the course now:

  • Simple tricks for taking photos in full sun and shade
  • Learn one thing you should never do if you want a cute photo of your child
  • Find good lighting outdoors and at home
  • Take photos before the moment is gone.
  • Find out the top 3 techniques I wish I knew before I started taking my own kids’ photos

And much, much more! This course gives you everything you need to start taking your family photos on your phone in a quick and easy way!

Family Lifestyle


Lesson 1: Composition

Lesson 2: Lighting

Lesson 3: Editing

Lesson 4: Posing

Lesson 5: Storytelling

Lesson 6: Tips and tricks

Lesson 7: Organization

Lesson 8: Q&A



(Each lesson is 10 minutes or less so you can watch these videos while you are folding laundry or doing dishes!)


You will receive my checklist & posing prompt PDF as my gift to you FOR FREE!

Stop wasting your time looking for quick tips and get instant access to everything you need to know about turning your pictures into treasures today!


Who is this for?


This is for YOU if YOU WANT TO…

→Take candid photos of your family


→Learn to take photos before the moment is gone


→Maximize the sun and natural lighting


→Learn how to turn ordinary photos into special memories


This isn’t for YOU if YOU WANT TO…


→Keep learning on your own


→Learn later. Investing feels like throwing the money away, but I’ve learned the most by investing myself.


Hi, I'm Kristen

I am a family and newborn photographer and a mom of a boy and a girl!


You don’t have to become a professional photographer to take good photos.


You can learn some basic photo skills and creative ways to take photos and viola! Your photos are from here to there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many video lessons are there?


There are 10 courses and each course covers different topics such as taking pictures in the sun and shade and learning how to focus on storytelling.

2. How long do I have access?


You have lifetime access. You can refer back to the course whenever you want!

3. Is this course helpful for a beginner mom photographer?


I designed this course for moms who want to use their phone to take pictures of their kids. Having said that, you can still apply the same principles and take pictures of other people’s families and kids.

Why now is the best time to start taking family photos you’ll love!

Kids are little only once. They grow up quickly. Life just keeps going. Let’s capture the memories that you want to remember forever.


Ready to start taking photos

the way you want on your phone?

Get all of this for just ONE payment of $37!

(& there’s no catch)

10 video modules (total value $150)

Lifetime Access


Each lesson is 10 minutes or less so you can watch these videos while you are folding laundry or doing dishes!



Birthday, Maternity, Anniversary

Let's learn how to take cute photos on your phone and start taking photos that you love!