Do you want to upgrade your online gallery with the most refined design and technology? Are you a photographer who needs beautiful client galleries to show as a portfolio? Pic-time will provide you with that! You will get an amazing visual experience designed for you and your clients! This platform is one of the best online galleries for a reason, and below are some of their excellent features you wouldn’t want to miss!

Art Gallery & Store

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful gallery for your photos? You can have your personal space where you can showcase and sell your artwork online. Plus, you can customize everything based on your preferences and even see your art in print. When displayed so amazingly, your clients can easily visualize the piece in their home.


There’s an entirely different feeling when your images have a piece of integrated music to them. I find it so heartwarming seeing each image appear one after another! Also, when presented in a slideshow there is a certain emotional feel, which is the perfect way to tell a story and attract more clients. 

Photo credit: lookslikefilm.com

Online Store

Don’t limit your services to only providing beautiful client galleries – offer a wide variety of quality printed goods. Clients can choose their most preferred image in different forms, from matted frames and lay flat albums to greeting cards and calendars. With Pic-time, they can preview the images they engaged with the most in their gallery, and get them in the printed form they prefer.

Simple Sales System

This revolutionary sales strategy automates your workflow and lets you grow through marketing automation. You get to have automated campaigns and seasonal campaigns that will significantly transform the way photographers sell prints online. It’s never been easier to generate sales online with your online gallery artwork!

Collaborative Album Design

With its unique online gallery, you and your client can collaboratively create, design, and even print an entire album. The best thing about this is that it benefits both the client and the photographer. If a bride wants to have full control of the album, she is free to do so as this system caters to personalization, yet the photographer still gets paid for the photos! It’s a win-win for both sides.

Migration Services

If you think migrating all your captured images is such a hassle, you will not encounter that challenge on this platform! You can migrate your online gallery easily as Pic-time can transfer all your existing galleries and client information for you.

Amazing Customer Service

I’m not employed or sponsored by Pic-Time in any way—but I must say that their customer service is one of the best that I’ve ever experienced. On the rare occasion that I run into an issue or have a question, I simply contact customer service, and I always walk away with a solid answer and understanding of how to proceed.

Pixieset vs. Shoot Proof

Pixieset client galleries are modern and easy to access because clients receive simple directions, while Shoot Proof has a classic style. Although, the latter gives two unique features: color customization & a customized music playlist. Besides that, Shoot Proof also offers an additional service to archive their gallery for more storage space – for a small fee. Both equally deliver a professional-client experience, but it all boils down to which service you want to highlight. 

Whether you’re just starting out as a photographer or have been in the business for a while now, Pic-Time can be a great asset for all your photo-sharing needs. Use this code KRISTENLISAPHOTOGRAPHY for a two-free month trial to test out how amazing it is!


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