4 Tips You Can Use For Your Maternity Shoot From a Chicago Maternity Photographer

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Pregnancy is such a precious time in your life that you want to remember these months for the rest of your life. To capture such an amazing time, you can connect with a Chicago maternity photographer to take your photos. If maternity shoots are something new to you, I’ve created a list of tips below that you can use, based on my years of experience, to guide you from beginning to end. 

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1. Choose the right time

Between your 28th and 34th weeks is the ideal time to have your maternity photo session. During your 7th and 8th month, your mom-to-be glow is in full effect, your baby bump is now obvious, and you’re not yet too uncomfortable to stand or move around naturally. 

2. Pick a meaningful location for you

When choosing the site for your shoot, you need to decide whether you want to have a lifestyle maternity photography session outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. You can choose between the two or opt for both depending on your preference as I’m a maternity photographer in Chicago who can do both in one session.  

Outdoor vs. in-home shoot

For a Chicago maternity photographer, picking a location that means something to you is essential in creating a beautiful story. So whether you choose to have the photos taken inside your own home or outdoors, what is crucial is that it is somewhere that you love and reflects your personality and life. 

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Outdoor maternity session

One of the reasons I absolutely love choosing the outdoors is the countless possibilities this offers for beautiful natural locations. You can select places with pretty flowers or picturesque views as your backdrop. Here are some of the best sites I can recommend as a maternity photographer in Chicago:

  • St. James Farm

Located in Warrenville, this farm has 100 acres of woodland, preserved lush green spaces, and prairies that I adore. Not to mention the beautiful paths lined with classic fences and landscaping. There are endless options for you to use as a photo location. 

  • Knoch Knolls 

This park in Naperville has some scenic spots for your session. In addition, the fact that this Chicago suburban park is ideal for children makes it an excellent place for lifestyle maternity photography. The natural, well-marked trails, picnic spots, and open spaces for kids will make you want to revisit this location after your baby is born.

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In-home maternity session

Besides being cozier and more intimate than a shoot outdoors, you won’t have to worry about the weather when you have your session in your home. When choosing the perfect spot, opt for an area with plenty of significance. Below are my recommendations. 

  • Room of your newborn baby 

This space is where your newborn baby will spend most of their time. To have a photo of them in their room while inside your tummy is something special to look back on.

  • Living Room

Most families consider their living room as the heart of their home. It’s a lovely idea to take a photo of you here.

3. Don’t forget your outfit

It is best for every mom to wear comfortable outfits for their maternity shoot. It is best to go for something simple but classy. For flattering maternity clothes, you can find inspiration on the PinkBlush Website and browse their wide selection.  

4. Enjoy!

Trust your Chicago maternity photographer and enjoy the experience! You’ll be sure to have the best photos if you’re having fun! 

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Bonus Tip: 

You can display your maternity photos next to those of your newborn, once he or she is born, to make them even more special.

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