10 Things To Do Before You Give Birth – Tips from a Professional Chicago Newborn Photographer

In reality, the time you are pregnant is fleeting. Before you know it, you’ll be going to the hospital to give birth. From creating a nursery to hiring a Chicago newborn photographer, having everything prepared before your little one comes into the world will make for a smoother experience for you and your family. You might not even know where to begin, but getting prepared doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Read on for the ten things to do before your newborn arrives to make sure you have more time to savor the precious moments to come.  

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Build a Baby Nursery

Create or furnish a baby-friendly nursery room for your little one. This may sound like a massive task, but it can be an enjoyable experience for parents to decorate and prepare a space for their precious ones. You can also have the process of making your baby nursery documented or hire a Chicago newborn photographer to have it photographed once ready. 

Buy Clothes For Every Season

It’s essential to have clothes ready for your newborn. Wash everything, clothes, blankets, pillows, plus anything that will be touching their skin. Use a detergent when washing their clothes that’s free from all dyes and perfumes. Not only do you need to get clothes that are comfortable and made of hypoallergenic fabrics, but it’s also important to prepare your infant for every season. Have garments that keep them warm in cold weather and breathable clothes for the summer. Below are some of my favorite cute baby clothes stores in Chicago.

Take a Birthing Class

If you’re a first-time parent, attending birthing classes is highly recommended. These sessions can help you plan and ease your worries about what to expect during labor and delivery. As a Chicago newborn photographer, I’ve noticed that couples who’ve undertaken such courses are more confident and able to relax throughout the process.

Visit Your Hospital or Birthing Center

You’ll be pretty distracted during your labor, so asking for directions at that time isn’t ideal! Familiarize yourself with the hospital, including its layout. where you’ll be going. Also, you can pre-register and get the necessary forms needed. Completing these documents beforehand will make life so much easier on the big day. 

Have a Ready Hospital Bag

You can’t delay certain moments in life, and one of them is giving birth. Since every second counts, save yourself the trouble of looking for things you’ll need when you leave by having a hospital bag ready. Keep it close to you during your third trimester so you can quickly grab it when the time is right. Here’s a checklist of what you should put inside your hospital bag:

For Moms

  • Hospital paperwork, ID, and insurance card
  • Medication list
  • Medications
  • Birth plan
  • Credit card or a small amount of sash
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Bathrobe
  • Nursing bra or supportive bra
  • Cellphone and charger
  • Toiletries 
  • Lip balm
  • Preferred pillows
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Going home outfit

For Your Infant

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Swaddle or receiving blankets
  • Blanket
  • Mittens, booties, and hat
  • Formula and bottles
  • Car seat
  • Going home outfit
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Plan a Maternity and Newborn Photography Session

This beautiful and magical time of your life is something you’re going to want to treasure. Book a Chicago newborn photographer to capture the moments for you to have something special to look back on. By documenting the entire process through maternity and infant photography sessions, you will appreciate forever how wonderful your pregnancy and childbirth experiences were. 

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Hire a Birth Doula 

Giving birth is emotional, and may feel overwhelming. It can be a blessing to have someone provide the physical and moral support you’ll need throughout. This person can also guide you on what to expect during your postpartum recovery. Having a doula by your side will help you to navigate this exciting and huge step!

What is a doula?

The term doula is derived from the Greek word that means “a woman who serves.” Doulas are people that provide non-medical support during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They can give you massages to manage the pain, emotional support to relieve anxiety and provide one-on-one attention during childbirth. 

Best doulas in the Chicago area 

  • Robin Ross: Blissful Birth and Babies

Phone: 630-723-4031

Email: robin@blissfulbirthsandbabies.com

Address: 1898 Barrington Ave Bolingbrook, IL 60490


  • Kelsey Haliti: Cloud Nine Births

Phone: 630.899.9570

Email: hello@cloudninebirths.com


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Stock up on Household Essentials

Once your little one arrives, your hands will be full for the first few months. Make sure you have your essentials ready at home to make this time as easy as possible – you’ll be so glad that you did. Buy in bulk or automate the deliveries of some of your essential shopping online. This way, you can enjoy caring and bonding with your baby without needing to worry about chores like grocery shopping. 

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Make a Baby-friendly Home

Transform your home into a baby-friendly space to raise a child. Your little one won’t be staying inside the baby nursery forever – trust me. They will eventually want to explore more than just the corners of their room. Make sure your home is child-proof to keep them safe from harm. Here are things to consider in creating a safe space for your child:

  • Always lock bathrooms 
  • Keep the crib safe
  • Be vigilant for heavy objects that might fall
  • Use electrical covers for electric sockets
  • Choose cordless blinds for your windows
  • Use window stoppers
  • Remove small things that they might swallow
  • Put semi-permanent gates around stairways
  • Hide cleaning and laundry products out of their reach
  • Watch out for corners
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Pamper Yourself

A pro tip as a Chicago newborn photographer to expecting moms is to take some time for themselves. Giving birth is a roller coaster ride with many emotional ups and downs. Not to mention how physically arduous labor can be and tiring it is to take care of an infant. So, make sure to prioritize yourself at this time: indulge in some pampering regularly, be sure to get enough rest, and nurture yourself properly – your body is doing an amazing job right now, and deserves to be looked after well.

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