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What’s an in-home family photography session?

In-home sessions are where you request a photoshoot in your own home! During the session, I take some look-at-the-camera photos, but mainly the storytelling photos, capturing your family as you interact with one another and go about your daily activities. This could include things like playing games, reading, cuddling, or simply hanging out in your living room. In-home family sessions are a great option for families with young children or those who want a more relaxed and personalized photo experience. Everyone can feel more at ease and comfortable, which can lead to more natural and genuine photos.

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should book an in-home session for your next photoshoot:

1. Home is where you spend the most time with your family 

You spend the most time with your family in your home, which has huge benefits because everyone will be comfortable. This past couple of years, you really do spend time at home more than ever. Why not pick a location where you have so many memories? 

2. You don’t have to drive or pack anything. I come to you! 

Have you ever forgotten your child’s favorite blanket or toy, or has your baby had a huge blowout when you’re away from home? Nothing to worry about with in-home sessions!

3. Everything is accessible

Bathroom? Check. Snacks? Check. Extra change of clothes? Check. I also love that kids can take a break with their toys or something else fun. Those can make good photo moments, too! 

4. Let kids be kids

The kids usually feel comfortable and are in their element when at home. I usually ask kids to tour the house with me and they get excited to show off their cool bedrooms or even a bathroom.

5. The weather doesn’t affect the session 

No more “Let’s reschedule because it’s raining.” You don’t need to worry about your pretty hair going crazy on a windy day, or kids’ noses turning red on a snowy day. 

6. A unique photo session just for your family! 

Your home is a one-of-a-kind background that is tailored to your family. You can’t replicate that feeling anywhere else.

7. Pets are always welcome.  

If you have a four-legged family member, she is always welcome to join! They are a part of the family.

8. Document your own home! 

Moving is much more common these days! Some families have told me they wished they took their family photos at their last home. Home photos can bring back so many emotions and memories. 

9. Special memories

It’s fun to take pictures of how your siblings played with their favorite toys or how you interacted with each other on the couch. Your home is your family’s memories. Not just the people. The bookshelf. The bed. The kitchen. Every corner of the house has memories. 

10. Your house doesn’t need to be “pretty” 

You may not think your home is a “picture-perfect” home, but no matter how big or small the place is, families, end up loving their photos.

Remember… every home is beautiful because your family is in it.


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