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Family Photos & Videos that feel like a play day

Family Photographer in Tokyo

"A family photo is something I wish my wife would skip each year. This was the case until I met Kristen." —Matt


Are you waiting for the

Perfect time

to take photos?

→"The kids won’t listen."

→"My house isn’t pretty enough."

→"I need to lose 10 more pounds."

→"It's out of my budget."

→"I can take photos next year."

→"My husband won't like this."


Why do we take pictures?

Life is constantly changing with everyone always on the go.


Lifestyle sessions—held in the comfort of your home or outdoors—are a great way to capture your family in a relaxed, natural setting before you move on to the next chapter of your life.


These sessions are tailor-made for wiggly kids: My own children rarely pose in front of the camera the way that I want them to, but then I realize that's my current stage in life, and I can enjoy these real moments.

Kids are only kids once!

A woman siting on the kitchen counterHi, I'm Kristen

I'm a newborn and family photographer in Tokyo, Japan!

Photos are my life journal.

When we look at our family album, the kids love looking at their own photos! We remembered all the inside jokes and memories we created together. I love taking pictures of families because I get to document your life journal: your one-of-a-kind story in a photo. Those photos are a gift to both you and future generations. I hope we can create something unique and special memories together!


Family Lifestyle
Family Lifestyle


A candid moment of a family of four, a dad holding a newborn baby girl and a mom twirling with their toddler in a nurseryFamily Lifestyle
Family Lifestyle


Family Lifestyle
Family Lifestyle

Dear moms,

Do you ever feel like life gets busy and messy? I do. It gets overwhelming and is not always fun or perfect. Wait…is it ever perfect? When I have those moments, I often turn to the family photos hanging on my living room wall, and then I remember how much I actually love my beautiful family, my beautiful mess. I love taking family photos because it's all about capturing life as it happens—not perfect moments, but perfectly true moments. I feel so lucky that I get to help you preserve those memories so they last forever.


Any time of the day when the sun is out and the kids are happy!


Wherever your favorite memory is.

That’s where I want to photograph your family!


Families who love to spend time together

Family and Newborn Videos

A family videography acts as a heartfelt time capsule for moms. "Mom brain" is real, and I often forget the little details. While photos preserve memories and emotional connections, videos offer an even richer storytelling experience.

2 to 5 minute video of your family playing, giggling, and being you with licensed music.

three kids playing in a playroomBirthday, Maternity, Anniversary

I recommend Kristen to all the photo reluctant dads and families. Kristen is high-class all around.

"Kristen is lighthearted, funny, easy-going and great at making a sarcastic, disgruntled husband and father, willing to take family photos.


Not only is Kristen a quality person, but she is also a great photographer. After my annual or semi-annual reluctance to take family photos, I am always blown away by the high-quality photographs Kristen produces. They are a reminder that the clothing discussions and preparation leading up to the photoshoot are worth it.


thank you notes from Tokyo moms

Thank you for making us

feel like our normal selves!

“An introverted husband and I were able to relax the entire time during the photo session! You are so natural. Of course, all the photos were beautiful, but we loved working with Kristen because we were able to have a good time without feeling nervous including my son. That's probably what I recommend to people the most because even if the photos are pretty, I don't want to have an awkward session.”

—Porter Family

Worth every.single.penny PLUS MORE!

"Speechless. Words can’t accurately describe how much I truly appreciate her for all the patience, all the creativity, all the energy and all the persistence that she exhibited when working with my rambunctious family. Do yourself a favor and go book her NOW for your family photos!!"


—Martin Family

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You live the moment, I capture it.

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Kristen specializes in maternity, family, and newborn photography in Tokyo. She loves capturing images that are real-life moments with motherhood and family connections that last for generations. She strives to create an environment that is relaxed and fun so she can truly capture you with photos that reflect you and feel authentic. Kristen believes home is where the story begins.


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